Discount New Balance 580 Green 2015 New Mens Sneakers
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The new balance has a lot of patented technology for shoes, these technologies apply to different types of shoes, thus playing a different use, which is why people say that the new balance of shoes, understanding the use of technology will make you know what you are Kind of shoes.
A stable technique is a new balance, which is the beginning with the balance of technology, the greatest impact in the heel is to provide after (rollover), (CR), reduce the weight of the ankle joint arch (stability of the Web), posture correction Walking path) and so on.
The new balance shoes are divided into 10 kinds of large and small, from the functional audience age is not the same, briefly introduced several commonly used shoes.
Function shoes: logo shoes, to those who love jogging crowd ready, and as a special project every year will continue to innovate the introduction of new technology and the impact of new jogging shoes.
Multi-functional shoes: as the name suggests, apply to people's daily commute, indoor and outdoor activities, but also many people buy one of the major shoes.
Walking shoes: four words to describe, shopping is not tired! Sister's favorite, of course, with men will come to such a pair of shopping.
Technology revival shoes: is retro, this shoe has been the trend of footwear, and buy clothes fashion the same reason, good-looking.
New shoes: integrated with the latest technology and design shoes, quite avant-garde.
In addition to the above, there are many other types of shoes, are special shoes, such as: outdoor shoes, cross-country shoes, and track and field shoes. New balance occasionally introduced several special limited edition shoes, which is particularly attractive to the fans collection.

24 hours x 7 days = 247
After 2017, the 247 series will undoubtedly become New Balance in the market's absolute main force, following the first wave in January after the introduction of New Balance 247 Luxe shoes, the brand has recently launched a new "247 Sport" series. The series combines leisure and sports performance, with New Balance classic elements to fit the city life seven days a week, 24 hours a day wearing the design concept for the brand life trend shoes into new vitality. In the process, 247 Sport also continued New Balance heritage of a hundred years of quality, providing a more comfortable and fit the wearing experience.
New Balance 247 "Luxe" series of white, black, brown three-color launch, each pair of shoes is still in the end of the end and followed by injection of contrast tones
There have been many fashion influx of people have put on this NB 247, seems to have to become the next generation of tide shoes Oh!